Written In The Sky

Over the past four years I havee written poetry. I am going to put it here, with the date I wrote it. perhaps you can see how my thoughts have evolved.

Location: All over the United States

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Another Poem

You are you, and I am me,
We both feel love, so pure and true.
Are you my one true love?
The man I will always cherish in my heart.
One who will love me like no other.
Wipe away my tears and chase away my fears
Bring me joyful smiles and laughter
Let me be silly, dance and sing out loud?
This one that I seek, is it you?
The one that will awaken my desires
Making me tremble with your very touch
Every passionate kiss igniting sparks
Consuming us both with fire.
And making our dreams come true
Are you this man, please tell me it is true
That I have found true love, with you.

written October 21, 2005

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hold Me In Your Arms So Tight!

Darling, hold me in your arms so tight
Keep me safe on the road tonight.
Dream of me making love with you
Our hearts beating love so true.

Dance with me among the stars
Help me to heal all my scars.
Share all of love’s strong power
Treat me like a delicate flower.

Let me feel your gentle touch
I need to be with you so much
Strong and sturdy like a rock
One day you may hear my knock

I want to be together all night long
In your loving arms so warm and strong.
Darling, hold me in your arms so tight
Keep me safe on the road tonight.

written Octover 21, 2005