Written In The Sky

Over the past four years I havee written poetry. I am going to put it here, with the date I wrote it. perhaps you can see how my thoughts have evolved.

Location: All over the United States

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

My Heart Aches

I don't know why
Each and every time, his presence lingers in my mind
Of course I'm in love with him
Every mornin when I wake up, I think of him
But too bad I dont wake up next to him
When Im in the shower, I think of him
When I go to work, I think of him
I think of him no matter where I am, no matter what I do
I can picture him standing next to me,
giving me a tender kiss I've always wanted
I can picture him wrapping me in his arms
I can picture everything being with him
Though we ain't together in real life
but I'm sure we will be one day
I write his name on my journal, on the walls, everywhere
He is my drug, Im his addict
I love talking to him on the phone
His voice makes my knees go weak
The way he whispers "I Love You" makes me go crazy!
The way he calls my name "Hemi" makes me want him more and more
We are so far apart,
but our hearts belong to each other.
My heart aches everytime I bump into couples on the street
I see them holding hands, kissing and flirting to each other
Man, they make me jealous and envy about them
Oh god I want him so bad now
Oh I really need him
I'm lonely, very indeed
You see,I can't stand this anymore
I need his tender touch all over my body, his gentle kiss on my lips
I need his arms around me all day long
It's okay though
I pray we will be together soon
For God knows how crazy we are in love with each other

Monday, August 15, 2005

Darkness in my Soul

written Nov 20,2001

Scream into the darkness of my soul
There is nothing left there
Only empty shadows and dead feelings
No love inside or ever again
My soul is dark